Bushrangers incursion courses are structured for your convenience with a 2 hour Bushcraft 101 which covers a range of topics with the option of adding sections that take a more in depth look at specific subjects of interest. These can be booked in addition to the Basics or you can “choose your own adventure” and piece together your own unique experience.

Bushcraft 101 – a 2 hour course where we cover your priorities if you find yourself isolated in the outback and how best to conduct yourself. Topics range from the importance of shelter to how to locate water, the dangers you may face in the bush and the trials and tribulations of acquiring food the old ways


Fire is the most crucial element in early human development and is invaluable to our survival. With interactive demonstrations running though the firemaking methods of our earliest ancestors all the way upto the modern day, students will attempt to create fire using methods that promote teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

You can usually last up to 3 days without water but in Australia, it could be less than a day. We talk about finding, carrying and treating water. We discuss the effects of dehydration and why it’s so important to stay hydrated and finish with a practical activity working with clay to produce a water container to take home.

Talking Bushtucker. We discuss the myriad of wild edible that can be collected and what to avoid. In a practical activity we look at how our ancestors hunted wild animals and demonstrate some traps that could be deployed in a survival situation.

Shelter is vitally important to survival. We discuss in-depth what happens in the early stages of a survival situation and run through the positive and negatives of different shelter types. We demonstrate how best to put up the Bushrangers mobile shelter.

Never fearful of it but always prepared for it, we demonstrate how to improvise and adapt with what you have with you and around you in emergency situations.

This is an action-packed hour where we cover the importance of string and rope in survival. We demonstrate how to make cordage from nature, what can be used for and how to carry it. Every student learns the cobra braid and goes on to make their own Bushranger survival bracelet to take home.