About Us


Bushrangers Survival is here to impart ancestral knowledge that is interesting and invaluable to know, whether out in the bush or in a real-life survival scenario.

Our courses will tackle such skills as shelter building, fire creating, trap making, wilderness first aid and safety with interactive demonstrations and practical activities. These courses develop confidence, resilience and independence that is also helpful in every-day life.

Our aim is to educate people about the old ways and enable people to strike out into the spectacular Australian outback with a sense of confidence, capability and knowledge of safe practices. Our instructors share this information in a fun, memorable and dynamic manner.

Years of Experience

The Creators

Calem and Ky spent 7 months living off grid, off the land, deep in the Australian outback. Check out their adventures on Discovery channel US, Netflix UK, SBS Australia and across Asia on AsiaOutdoors.


Calem has had years of experience running Bushcraft and Survival Courses in England before heading to Australia and working with Indigenous Men’s Health on Ernie Dingo’s award-winning Camping on Country. He has most recently co-hosted 7 Mate’s short series Outback Lockdown.

Ky Furneaux

Ky is an award-winning Hollywood stunt performer and experienced outdoor guide. She has appeared on many Discovery shows due to her Survival Skills knowledge and most recently co-hosted 7 Mate’s short series Outback Lockdown. She is also one of the most published Survival authors in the world.