Teachings from the past that echo through the ages.....

Our aim is to educate people about the old ways and enable people to strike out into the spectacular Australian outback with a sense of confidence, competence and knowledge of safe practices.

Bushcraft is acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding in order to survive and thrive in the natural environment. We strive to equip people with the skills needed for survival as well as creating a Rites of Passage experience to enable them to face the world with a sense of confidence.
Years of Experience

Bushrangers Survival Courses

Bushrangers incursion courses are structured for your convenience with a 2 hour Bushcraft 101 which covers a range of topics with the option of adding sections that take a more in depth look at specific subjects of interest. These can be booked in addition to the Basics or you can “choose your own adventure” and piece together your own unique experience.


Bushrangers excursion courses tackle all of the important bushcraft and survival skills and theory in various locations all over Australia. Working with a range of young adults from inner city schools to remote indigenous communities.


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